Leaving a Gift in Your Will


After taking care of any loved ones, consider leaving a gift to the AGBI in your Will.  A gift of just 1% will make a real difference to supporting our charitable work and ensure the AGBI continues to help artists and their dependence in the years to come.

If you are considering writing or updating your Will, we recommend using a qualified solicitor or Will writer. To leave a gift to the AGBI in your Will, you should make a note of our official charity name, address, and registered charity number and give this to your professional advisor.

Artists' General Benevolent Institution

Burlington House




Registered charity number 212667.

Should you have questions about leaving a gift to the AGBI in your Will, please the AGBI on 020 7734 1193.

If you do include the AGBI in your Will you don’t have to tell us, but we would be delighted if you chose to and we will treat any information you share with us in strictest confidence.

Thank you.