The AGBI is run by a Council of mainly practicing artists but also sculptors, designers, architects, medical professionals and craft workers who give their time freely and meet regularly to discuss cases. The Council is supported by a small team of staff based at Burlington House, London.

Who does the AGBI help?

Any professional artist, painter, sculptor, illustrator or art teacher at A-level or above can apply for help if they have earned their living (or major part of it) from art and cannot work or earn due to accident, illness or older age. Widows and orphaned children of artists are also eligible for help.

Unfortunately, the AGBI cannot assist in cases where recession has caused career difficulties or when an artist is unable to find a market for their work. The AGBI cannot assist with legal fees, business difficulties or education grants for mature students.

Eligibility Criteria

The AGBI Council look at the training, qualifications, art- CV detailing shows and exhibitions, employment and the number of years applicants have made a living from art. The AGBI Council will also need to see original examples of an applicant’s work.

For further information about the AGBI grants or general enquiries contact the office.